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Chapter: 1381

What Were You Going To Say

Chapter 1381 What Were You Going To Say  2nd bonus chapter 


Hearing Jiang Yang’s mocking words, Lu Lijun only sighed inwardly and went to sit on the couch to accompany his brother and heard Jiang Yuyan. 

"Yes, brother. I am fine here," she replied only to hear her brother, "But don’t worry. Now I am here so I will be with you and take care of you."

Jiang Yuyan could say nothing as she only glanced at Lu Lijun for a moment who held himself back from saying anything and sat calmly. He didn’t have any such expressions on his face that could convey to Jiang Yuyan what he was thinking. 

Lu Lijun only heard their conversation and said nothing as he didn’t wish to upset Jiang Yuyan. After all, Jiang Yang was her brother and she loved him the same way he loved his elder brother. Moreover, he was a guest here and it was just the first day in his home so he better be a good host. 

Just then Martha knocked on the door and entered the room. She looked at Jiang Yuyan, "Young mistress, as you are not using your room, is it fine to shift Mr Yang to your room. Other rooms will take a long time to clean and prepare. Till then…"

"Y-Yes, it’s fine," Jiang Yuyan answered in a hurry as she saw her brother’s curious expressions and knew the next question he would ask.

’I was dealing with physical pain but now I have to go through the mental stress due to my brother and My….How shall I name the relationship between me and him? The one I was denying till now though he insisted on it? My… Nono… Better to not be in a hurry. Need to take time to think it over."

When she was thinking about all this, she heard her brother, "Your room? Is this not your room?"

"It is her room," Lu Lijun answered before she could shake her head to say that it was not her room. Lu Lijun explained, "Before she was staying in another room but she liked it here in my room so she shifted here. So now, it is both of our room."

Smiling pleasantly to enjoy the show, Lu Feng leaned back on the couch. 

"You liked this room?" Jiang Yang asked as he looked around that lavish room with a view of the mountain and river, "Well, the view here is best. I am sure anyone would like it." He then looked at Lu Lijun, "Though she liked it here, you could have moved to another room instead of causing inconvenience to my sister."

"I believe I am not an inconvenience to her. Instead, she sleeps comfortably when I…"

"Brother…"Jiang Yuyan interrupted Lu Lijun by calling her brother and explained, "I was having nightmares so he had to be around me. It’s me who asked him to be here as I was scared," She explained before Lu Lijun could say anymore and she knew he would say something bold that would only embarrass her. 

’Why are the men in my life all shameless?’ she frowned inwardly.

Jiang Yang heard her, "Nightmares? Seems like I have to shift here so I can take care of you…."

"I don’t like someone else in my room. She is the only exception. Also, she is not going anywhere," Lu Lijun declared. His expressions were serious and his tone firm as if he held all the authority over Jiang Yuyan. 

Jiang Yang looked at his sister, "Are you fine with it? If you want I can…"

"It’s totally fine, brother. He is the one taking care of me so…" she didn’t know what to say further. 

"Fine then, but if you need me, don’t think before calling me," he said. 

She nodded and said, "I need to use the washroom. I will be back."

Once she left, Jiang Yang looked at Lu Lijun who sat comfortably on the couch next to his brother as if saying the victory was his along with his sister.

"You don’t want me to be around her, huh?" Jiang Yang asked. 

"You can but not in my…let me correct..not in our room," Lu Lijun answered. 

"She is my sister and I…."

"She is my wife," Lu Lijun said instinctively and then stayed quiet at what he had just said. In his heart, it was the truth but he had promised her that he would not say it. In the end, his true and innate thoughts could not be stopped. 

Seeing him quiet, the other two looked at each other. They didn’t know what happened between them two when Lu Lijun went to see Jiang Yuyan after knowing all her past and had decided to give up.

Jiang Yang could not stand this silence and said "You better treat her well.

"I will," Lu Lijun nodded.

"And this is the last chance you are getting. If you give up on her again…."

"It won’t happen," Lu Lijun said firmly. 

Jiang Yang nodded and then turned back to his teasing self, "That doesn’t mean I will go easy on you. I don’t trust you with her yet."

"Sure," Lu Lijun replied as he was ready to face anything that Jiang Yang would do. 

Jiang Yuyan returned from the washroom, thinking that everything outside must be calm. 

They talked for a while and left Jiang Yuyan to rest. 

"We will go meet An Tian," Lu Feng informed and left with Jiang Yang. 

When they left, Lu Lijun helped Jiang Yuyan lay in the bed. She continued to look at him so he asked, "Do you want to say something?"

"What were you going to say to brother Yang when I interrupted you?" She asked. 

"You know I speak the truth, that’s why you interrupted me, didn’t you?" he replied while covering her with the quilt. 

"What were you going to say," she asked again, only to hear it from him. 

He looked at her, "That you sleep comfortably when I….." he stopped. 

She looked at him questioningly and felt him moving closer to her. He stopped only at his face an inch away from hers as his hot breath brushed her face, causing her to gulp. His gaze moved between her anxious eyes and alluring soft lips.

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