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Chapter: 1382

She Wanted It Rough

Chapter 1382 She Wanted It Rough  Jiang Yuyan’s face turned red as his intense looking eyes closely stared into hers and she heard him, his voice changed to the hoarse one as if he was trying to seduce her.

"When I hold you in my arms as you sleep quietly in my warm embrace the entire night… When I let you snuggle your tiny face in my chest and you loved my scent that makes you feel at ease… When my hands continue to caress your back gently and you have goosebumps all over your body… When I use my special way to make you forget about your nightmares and you love it… When I…." he stopped. Each word he said was with equal attention to not let her miss any one of it. 

He continued to look closely into her anxious eyes, wondering what he was going to say the next but he stopped. She was shy and anxious but somewhere she wished to know what he was going to say further. The unusual closeness between them was making her heart beat faster. 

"The next one I am yet to try," he whispered against her trembling but anticipating lips. That tiny distance between their lips was covered and he captured her lips into his. 

She felt like her breath had stuck in her chest as what he was doing to her was more than she could bear. This guy sure had his ways to seduce her and make her accept him quietly. It was like a spell that she could not come out of it and instead ended up wanting more. 

He kissed her gently as he sucked and nibbled her lips. His hands rested on the bed on her either side to support him who was leaning down at her while sitting at the edge of the bed. To him, she always tasted sweeter than anything and could not stop himself just at the little taste of it. As she was going through pain, he was kissing her gently while she reciprocated that kiss as if it was natural for her to do so. 

She could not deny she wanted it and when her hormones were haywire, she particularly felt the need for it. She forgot the pain and whatever she was feeling and pulled him closer for a deeper kiss. Looked like she was not satisfied with just a gentle kiss and she didn’t wish him to be so considerate of her. 

He stopped and looked closely into her eyes that looked full of lust at the moment, "Don’t ask for more than you can handle, Yuyan," he warned gently as his moist lips brushed against her soft ones. 

’Gosh, why did he have to say my name in such a way? It sounded so good. Is he trying to turn me on instead of warning me to stop? Such a trickster! But why am I affected even in such a situation when I can’t even do anything…But…I want him…I want him desperately.’

"Does it make you forget the pain as well?" he asked that pulled her out of her needy thoughts but her eyes showed still she wanted what he had stopped. 

She nodded and he smirked only to kiss her back again. He wished to hover over her but he stopped as she was not in a condition to handle him and he didn’t wish to exhaust her weak body by making her bear his weight. 

When she asked for it, how could he not fulfil her wish? He was more than happy to do so. His warm mouth was devouring her needy one as his coarse tongue didn’t let her tongue rest for even a moment.

Jiang Yuyan felt like she would lose herself to him as her hands gripped his hair at the back of his head causing him to groan a little. And as her punishment, she got bitten on her lips causing her to feel the pain that felt sweeter to her. 

This woman wanted it rough despite him having warned her. 

Lu Lijun let go of his restraints as he held her both hands that were circling his neck and pinned them on either side of her and turned harsher with the kiss making her head sink into that soft pillow with the pressure he was applying in that harsh kiss. He didn’t let her think anything but those intimate moments between the two. 

He sucked her lips roughly while biting and tugging them harshly in between and enjoying those soft painful moans of hers. Jiang Yuyan didn’t hold back and replied to the kiss in the same passionate way.

His tongue sought her tongue as he sucked it to taste her entirely. The thread of saliva was making and breaking as the two aroused bodies didn’t wish to stop anymore. 

After a long time, they stopped as they looked at each other panting heavily. Though they needed to breathe, their eyes were full of need and could not wait to start it again. 

It was always Lu Lijun who had to take a step back as he had to think before doing anything that might take a bad turn for them. He was always careful after that night during the naming ceremony when things turned worse for him after she gave into him. She regretted it.

This time too, he was the one to think about it while she looked like she wished for more. But he didn’t wish her to regret it later. He could feel she was under the influence of her situation which might have made her sensitive and demanding of this intimacy. 

He closed his eyes and opened in a moment as he spoke with much effort. "Trust me if you were not going through it, I would have crossed that line where it would have been impossible to return." He referred to her periods.

She understood what he meant and instead of calming down, his words made her aroused. His restrained expressions and those words he said after stopping himself with much effort, made her want him more. The more he was considerate, the more she wished to let herself flow in his advances.

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