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Chapter: 1383

Gazing Hot And Sexy Young Man

Chapter 1383 Gazing Hot And Sexy Young Man  "Do you understand what I exactly mean, Yuyan?" Lu Lijun asked, as the wicked smile painted on his lips.

Trying to calm herself, she nodded.

"Good," he said and moved back as he released her hands which he had pinned on her either side. He noticed the red marks on the fair and delicate skin of her wrists and held her hands again to observe them. 

Jiang Yuyan looked at him to know what he was up to to and found him caressing her wrists with his thumb as he held her hands closer to him. She noticed there were red marks on her wrist and that must be caused by his strong grip.

He realized somehow he used more strength when he gripped her wrist and asked, "Does it hurt?" and looked at her. 

She shook her head while letting him hold her hands. 

"He smirked with a meaningful gaze and said, "You know how delicate you are and you dare to be brave with me?"

She felt like hiding herself somewhere as she knew she was being so bold and demanding when she can’t even bear the consequences of it.

’If her brother sees it….." A mischievous smile painted on his lips, ‘Well I have a better plan.’

Jiang Yuyan saw the changes in his expressions and saw him leaning close to her. 


Before she could finish her words, he dived into her neck and sucked on her skin harshly. 

"Ahh…" she didn’t know what happened to him suddenly but once again she liked what he did. 

After several seconds, Lu Lijun let go of her neck and looked at her whose face looked flushed. "I hope it did hurt this time," he commented with a smirk. 

She didn’t know what to say to him. Was he trying to tease her in such a condition?

He glanced at her neck as he rubbed his thumb over the mark he had just created and a satisfied smile painted on his lips. He looked back at her, "You should sleep now. I am sure you wish to feel better and spend some more time with your brother who came here so long because he missed you."

There was a hidden meaning behind his words and action and that light smirk with exciting brightness in his eyes but Jiang Yuyan could not guess what was in his mind. 

He covered her with the quilt and said, "I will be working from here."

She nodded and closed her eyes while Lu Lijun went to his worktable inside the room to work. That hidden smirk on his lips was still there as if he was waiting for something exciting to happen.

Lying in the bed, Jiang Yuyan looked at the man who was busy working and continued looking at him. He was so young but he was like a mature person who knew his responsibilities. How attractive this young man looked when he was busy with his work. She took a note of every possible thing about him that came into her sight.

The tall young man with a perfectly built hot and sexy body sitting in his work chair. His strong arms that had veins visibly popped out worked on his laptop as his long fingers moved on the keyboard with grace. His dark eyes fixed on the laptop screen with a focus as if other than work he could think about nothing. Those dense lashes opened and closed as his dark eyebrows sometimes furrowed, sometimes raised in question or sometimes relaxed.

That fair and radiant skin and his hair that turned sexily messy as he moved his hand through them in between the work. That sharp pointed nose, well-carved jawline and thin lips that he sometimes pressed in a thin line, sometimes linked with his tongue unknowingly made Jiang Yuyan feel her throat turn dry and she ended up licking her lips instinctively.

Jiang Yuyan frowned at herself, ‘Even when he is busy, he won’t fail to seduce me. His presence around me will be my death one day.’ 

She turned to her other side, facing her back to him so she won’t look at him anymore and could finally sleep.

Lu Lijun sensed the movement in bed and looked at her, not knowing what he had caused to one poor soul just by his presence around her and resumed his work.


In the early evening, Jiang Yuyan wanted to go out of the room as she was bored of staying in bed and there was not much pain that she could not go anywhere. She sat up from the bed and wished to go to the gallery at least. 

Lu Lijun was about to finish his work and looked at her, "Do you need anything?"

"I just want to get fresh air," she said. 

He nodded, "I’ll finish my work soon, and join you."

Jiang Yuyan went to the gallery and stood by the railing as she looked ahead towards the waterbed that shined lightly in the mild sunlight. The cold breeze made her feel refreshed and she wished to stay there for a long time. 

Lu Lijun, who closed his laptop and put the file aside after finishing his work, looked at the calm looking woman standing by the railing of the gallery. He dropped the plan of going to her instead of opening the drawer of his work table and pulled out the long sketchbook and picked up the pencil from the wooden holder on the table. 

He started to draw the most beautiful view in front of him. Though she was standing her back facing him, he could feel that she was calm and content. 

As his fingers worked faster with the pencil holding it, he drew her back view that felt melancholic. Her long hair moving along the breeze, her loose knee length dress fluttering around her knees due to the same breeze, her hands resting on the railing, and her slender legs standing closer and straight in one line. He even drew the view ahead of her and completed that sketch which looked lively and conveyed what he drew.

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