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Chapter: 1155

Under the rainstorm, people at the dock were evacuated.

A cordon was set up around the ship.

Everyone's heart is suffering, until suddenly "bang!" The sound of, then is a huge "boom" sound!

The fire burst from the ship, the dust splashed, and the huge shock wave made people feel the heat wave 100 meters away.

Yan wanwan and Sheng Yan are so scared that their pupils are propped up. Then they hear Fu Nanzhu exclaim:


At the moment when the ship exploded, Guan Qingjiu's taut thread collapsed with hope. Before he fainted, Guan Qingjiu was still chanting: "sweet..."

"To the hospital!" Fu Sihan immediately said to Fu Nanzhu, "we'll deal with the aftermath here."

"Good!" Fu Nan Zhu immediately got on the car not far away.

Yan Wan looked at the boat which had been burned into a fireboat in the distance. There was a burst of white and black in front of him.

"People... Can the people above..." yanwanwan can't bear to say cruel words, but under such conditions, if people can be safe or down, it's almost like a fool's dream.

"Sheng smoke..." Mu Qichen thought of what, immediately worried to see Sheng smoke.

In the year when Sheng family was born, the fire almost swallowed up Sheng smoke. The reason why Sheng Jiyang was defeated by mu Qichen was to save Sheng Yan.

For Sheng Yan, such a fire was once a nightmare.

Sheng Yan looks at the sea, the brown pupil reflects the sky fire, there is no expression on his face, people can't see the mood.

It was not until after a long time that she realized that mu Qichen was looking at her. It seemed that she had called her just now.

It was almost the first time that she understood what he was thinking.

"Go and ask about it." Sheng Yan turns to the topic, "I hope everyone is OK."

The rescue is progressing rapidly.

Fortunately, the port evacuation was timely, and there were no excessive casualties, and the ships were floating on the water, which reduced the hidden danger of fire expansion, but the later water purification and environmental protection work need to be further followed up.

Time goes by.

Yan wanwan and Sheng Yan didn't say a word during this period, and they looked at the sea of fire with tacit understanding.

Because they know that at this moment of Guanqing wine, the most concerned is the situation of Tiantian.

Jiang Yan and Yuegui assisted the official rescue.

"Good news!"

Yuegui and Jiangyan come here.

Several people were shocked.

Yuegui said: "the rescue workers and experts on board jumped off the ship in time. They were all alive. Four people were slightly injured and one was seriously injured. They were all sent to the hospital. There should be no life danger."

"What else?" Asked Fu Sihan.

Jiang Yan face dignified: "little miss did not find."

"What is not found?" Yan Wan was so excited that his voice almost broke.

"It's literally not found." Jiang Yan said, "the rescue workers did not find the little girl on the ship, but there were traces of children being bound."

"So what about people?" Sheng Yan is so anxious that he gets angry. How can Jiang Yan talk to his master!

"Probably not on board." Mu Qichen guesses, "either the news is wrong, or someone took her away in advance.

Things back to the origin, all hopes are dashed, all efforts have become futile.

Yanwan held his forehead and felt a headache.

"Uncomfortable?" Fu Sihan holds her.

Yan Wan shook his head. "It's no big deal. Maybe it's too urgent."

The scene continues to search for clues.

The rainstorm gradually turned into a continuous drizzle and finally stopped.

Fu Sihan received a phone call from Fu Nanzhu. A few seconds later, he hung up and his locked brow had relaxed.

Several nervous people immediately looked at him.

"Go to the hospital." Fu Sihan said, "Tiantian is in the hospital."

Yan wanwan and Sheng Yan look at each other in surprise and shock, and Qi Qi is relieved.

"How is Tian Tian? Why in the hospital? " A group of people quickly get on the bus, and ask Fu Sihan urgently.

The man looked at her and wrote, "how do I know?".

"You just answered the phone when the other party did not tell you? Why didn't you ask? "

Shouldn't normal people be involved?

Fu Sihan has his own set of principles: "people find it, I'm not interested in other things."

Yan Wan didn't stare at him angrily.

Thanks to sweet just back when "daddy daddy" call him, thanks to sweet now call him uncle!

Fu Sihan has his own set of principles.

The person who called him was Fu Nanzhu's deputy. The other person's tone was calm, which indicated that there was nothing wrong with Tiantian. As for why Tiantian was in the hospital, when she arrived at the hospital, Yan wanwan and Sheng Yan naturally asked.

What did he do from that?

Have nothing to do?

In addition to Yan Wan, Fu Sihan is a person who only looks at the results for other things.

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