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Chapter: 1156

When the party arrived at the hospital, sweet little radish was sitting beside the bed, talking with Guan Qingjiu on the bed.

"Does mommy's head hurt the duck?"

"No pain."

"Why did Mommy come to the hospital? Is it because... Because of sweetness? "

"Not because of sweet? It's mom's problem. "

"When can Mommy be healthy?"



Guan Qingjiu's wrist is filled with nutrient solution. When he speaks, he stares at Tiantian, for fear that the child will disappear in the blink of an eye.

"Here we are." Fu Nanzhu heard the movement and turned to stand up.

Guan Qingjiu looks at the two friends with a relieved smile on his face.

Fu Nan Zhu stood up and left the space for Guan Qing Jiu and other three people to go out with Fu Nan Zhu Mu Qichen.

After greeting the physical condition of the sake, Sheng Yan and Yan wanwan were relieved to learn that she was just tired and exhausted, which did not matter much. They asked about Tian Tian's condition.

"My brother saved me and sent me back." Sweet crisp answer, no fear after suffering.

Obviously, the person who sent her back soothed her very well.

Sheng Yan puzzling frown: "brother?"

"It's Yu Shuangxi's son." Guan Qingjiu has asked Tiantian and explained to her two best friends.

"Yu Shuangxi..." Yan Wan thought the name was familiar. After a few seconds, he suddenly remembered, "is it the psychiatrist who takes good care of you?"

Before Guan Qing had time to nod his head, he heard sweet say: "Uncle Yu likes Mommy!"

Guan Qingjiu

Speech late and Sheng smoke Leng in situ, look at each other, the latter smile.

"Really, sweetie? How do you know? " Sheng Yan amuses the children.

Sweetie's eyes follow: "that's what everyone says."

Guan Qingjiu quickly interrupted his friend's divergent thinking: "Yu Shuangxi and I are the relationship between former patients and former doctors. It's nothing. Don't think about it."

Sheng Yan nodded with a smile.

Who knows if Guan Qingjiu treats the other party as a doctor, and whether the other party treats Guan Qingjiu as a pure ex patient.

Yan wanwan thought again, "is Yu Shuangxi's son Sweet's... Little brother who peeped at the bath when he was a child?"

At this point, Guan Qingjiu nodded in tears and laughter, "yes. The child is five or six years older than Tiantian and very smart. I don't believe it if a child can save Tian Tian, but he can believe it. "

"Good brain. Does that look good?" Sheng Yan said with a smile, "maybe it's a potential stock."

"What is a baby kiss?" Sweet reaction is very fast, and not stingy praise, "little brother looks very good!"

Sheng Yan and the other three adults burst out laughing.

Fortunately, this time there was no danger.

For the three men, however, it's far from over.

"Behind the scenes is Qu Yao, Yu Shuangxi's ex-wife and daughter of the Duke of K. Fortunately, she is the one who pays for it, and the one who does it doesn't torture people because she is obedient. " Mu Qichen says the information that he finds here.

Fu Nanzhu's expression was very ugly from beginning to end. When he heard the name of "Qu Yao", it was so gloomy that he seemed to swallow people alive.

Fu Sihan has his own child, and mu Qichen once looked forward to the birth of his own and Sheng Yan's daughter. If anyone tries to touch their children, they will not give up!

Qu Yao is not active now. She doesn't show up directly, and has foreign nationality and the Duke's family as protection.

However, the three people are very clear, although this matter is dangerous, but it will never end!

Qu Yao, sooner or later we have to give an explanation and pay the price!

"Said, that saves sweet little boy, is to sweet..." Fu Si Han's words have not finished, Fu Nan candle fiercely glares:

"Yu Shuangxi's son wants to marry my daughter? What a dreamer

Mu Qichen: "I fully understand Fu Nanzhu's idea. If Song Chen's children still marry their own children in the future, he absolutely wants to chop off each other's head!


The scene of people searching in the capital came to an end quickly.

Only a few people know who is involved.

Some people with active mind try to get information, but they find that they can't find out the truth in any case, and those who know the inside story are all silent.

The final conclusion is: it can't be said.

The most important thing for the imperial capital is something new, and soon there will be a new focus - the wedding of Fu family three Shao and Yan wanwan is coming!

The wedding place was set on a private island. As the wedding invitation, the Fu family undertook all the expenses of the guests from boarding.

Fu Sihan didn't block the news, so that he became a hot microblog in a flash. He was the first hot search on the eve of the wedding.

Yan wanwan's studio has received numerous private letters from fans, asking for details of the wedding.

"Han, can I let my fans know about our wedding?" Yan wanwan sits on the bed, holding a tablet computer in his hand, askew to ask Fu Sihan.

Fu Sihan just came out of the bathroom with a bath towel tied around his waist. The dripping water fell from the tip of his hair. The whole person seemed to be a little less chilly in the office, more expensive and lazy.

He approached Yan wanwan, leaned over his back, nibbled at Yan wanwan's lips, and said, "baby, you have the right to decide your wedding."

Fu Sihan didn't have much interest in publishing his life under the camera, so this time he didn't invite any media, and chose a private island with excellent privacy as the wedding venue.

No invitation, no media can go to the island, let alone know the content of the wedding.

Yan Wan looks at the private message on the tablet. After a moment, he raises his eyes to meet Fu Sihan: "then I want them to know."

On the tablet, there are a few words from fans:

[goddess, it's finally your wedding! Must be happy! Although the wedding was late for a long time, for the sake of President Fu, we reluctantly admit the son-in-law!]

The goddess must protect herself! Don't be interrupted by unscrupulous media!]

Happiness is the most important! Although the wedding is full of curiosity, but we will not disturb you! If you can, I hope you can share your happiness with us!]


Every word, every word, is full of the most sincere blessing.

Perhaps, the wedding details of the public will only let more people enjoy eating melon, let more netizens to meet the joy of exploring the details of the rich family.

However, as long as her fans who accompany and support her all the way know that she is happy now, then the goal will be achieved.

It doesn't matter what other people think or say.

"What are you doing?" Fu Sihan dried his hair and saw Yan wanwan bowing his head to send a text message.

"Communicate with Yan'er, and her studio will be responsible for the public activities of the wedding tomorrow." In this case, it's natural to use people you can trust, and the team of Shengyan has first-class strength.

Yan wanwan told Sheng Yan about the team's reward this time. The words were typed out, and the mobile phone was suddenly smoked and thrown aside.


Fu Sihan opened the quilt and came up with dim eyes. "The bride should not worry about the reward, Mrs. Fu."

Such trivial things should be done by Jiang Yan.

When Yan wanwan heard the word "bride", he was in a trance for a while. He couldn't help laughing and muttering, "we've been married for so long. What kind of bride is it?"

"I'm sorry."

The man's face was buried in her neck socket, whispering, saying that she didn't hear clearly, "eh?"

Fu Sihan hugged Yan wanwan tightly, and the two bodies hugged each other tightly, as if to integrate them into the blood.

He apologized seriously and affectionately: "I'm sorry, baby."

Although Fu Sihan didn't say clearly what he was sorry for, Yan wanwan realized in such an instant that he was talking about that year.

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