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Chapter: 1158

net friend:

【??? What about the wedding

Cowhide, I saw such a wedding for the first time

Yan Wan's fans: [goddess Su Yan is so beautiful! Beautiful!]


Before finishing the meal, Guan Qingjiu leads Guan ruotang to arrive and takes today's little flower boy Guan ruotang to dress up.

The live camera specially avoided the faces of Guan ruotang and Fu Yan'an, and did not shoot them.

Finally, Yan wanwan finished his breakfast and began the process of dressing the bride.

Every detail of the wedding has a special wedding team to shoot, and the team of Shengyan mainly faces netizens and fans of Yanwan.

The bride's make-up process was originally a long and boring process, but netizens used microscopes to see all kinds of details

I just saw the makeup artist give the goddess the foundation. It's special. There's no difference between putting on makeup and not putting it on! The goddess's skin is so good, isn't it

Women nourished by love are different

Upstairs, I suspect you are engaged in color

[Yan wanwan's diamond jewelry... If you remember correctly, it was a top collection that appeared in London auction house last year and was sold by the mysterious rich with nine figures]

[I don't know why. I feel sweet when the wedding hasn't officially started yet!]

Let's go! Let me say it! This wedding dress is so beautiful!]

[fans of Guan sake pass by here, indicating that it is the design style of Guan sake]

[today's wedding dress will definitely become the trend vane of this year, and a certain treasure will have the same style tomorrow]

[Sheng Yan is in charge of today's live broadcast team, and Guan Qingjiu is in charge of Yan wanwan's wedding dress. How do you feel like these two people are swearing in front of President Fu? "

[you can't be alone upstairs]

[upstairs + 10086]

[sisterhood is true. Men give it away. Laugh to death]


Ten in the morning.

All the guests have arrived at the ceremony, but miraculously, neither the bride nor the groom showed up!

As for the elder Fang, only the Michaelis and his wife, who are Fu Sihan's mother family, were present. In addition, his close friends, such as Shang junchi and shaozian, received the guests.

Tang Quan and other young people are pushed by their parents to explore the situation. Tang Quan is unwilling to be resented for fear of being resented late. After all, there is no custom that a bride cannot be resentful.

"Please don't be impatient. It's the third brother who loves my sister-in-law and doesn't let her get up early." Shang junchi stopped people and skillfully pushed all the pots to Fu Sihan.

Everyone understood.

Well, it's dog food!

Yan wanwan finished the modeling and waited for the bridegroom to meet her.

The women's families and the rich second generation, led by misiko and Guan Qingjiu, are very excited and ready to seize the rare opportunity to embarrass Fu Sihan.

Only Sheng Yan thought calmly on his side: will Fu Sihan give you a chance to stop him from welcoming the bride?

I didn't wake up!

Gorgeous floats are parked outside the bride's castle.

Fu Sihan, dressed in an iron gray suit, looks extremely noble. He is probably a happy newlyweds. Today, this person who has always been indifferent is less alienated, and his eyebrows and eyes are more soft.

Everyone knows that this rare softness only belongs to the bride in the castle.

"Fu sanshao, red envelope!"

"No red envelope, no go!"

"Fu sanshao, we have prepared ten questions for you. If we can't answer them, we won't see your beautiful bride today!"


Fu Sihan coldly glanced at everyone and motioned to Jiang Yan.

Jiang Yan nodded, took out his mobile phone, and said to the celebrities present: "please take out your mobile phone, open wechat, and let's build a group face to face."

A second ago, the scene was still noisy and jubilant.

"San Shao, that's a thief!" In the crowd, I don't know who make complaints about it, but the body is very honest to open up WeChat, face to face with the building group.

"Ding Dong!"

"Ding Dong!"

"Ding Dong!"


The sound of opening a red envelope comes one after another and never stops.

Jiang Yan kept sending red envelopes to the group, and people kept on ordering them.

It is clear that a red envelope can break through the sky and rob more than 100 people. Everyone is not short of this money, but we can find a strange sense of achievement from it.

When everyone comes back, the bridegroom who should be embarrassed has already entered the castle and disappeared.

Hearing the news, Sheng Yan saw this scene with a wooden face, and didn't even feel surprised.

Yan Wan sat in the room with a fan in his hand.

Suddenly heard the sound of opening the door, then the man's handsome face appeared in the line of sight.

He came in quickly, closed the door with his backhand, and locked it again.

A set of actions, all at once, running, directly put the camera team in the outside.

Yanwan was shocked for several seconds and didn't respond: "you... How can you..."

Fu Sihan's eyes were locked tightly without blinking.

She was dressed in a traditional red wedding dress embroidered with Phoenix and flowers in gold thread. However, her gorgeous wedding dress was not half distracted.

Today, she was dressed in red, which made her more attractive.

Fu Sihan didn't want to explain how he could easily get rid of those so-called relatives. He stepped to Yan wanwan in three or two steps, holding the back of the head, and a kiss fell.

There was a rush.


Yanwan pushed him hard.

Her lipstick is going to cost!


At this time, a milk sound came from the corner.

Fu Sihan's body a stiff, loose speech late, see wearing a mini suit standing at the foot of the wall Fu Yan'an.

Fu Yan'an blinks innocently in the face of his father with a bad face.

Yan wanwan: "he hammered Fu Sihan hard.

There was a knock on the door

"Fu Sihan! You shut us out. Don't you miss my sister today? "

It's Yan chenrui.

Fu Sihan looked at Yan more and opened the door later.

"Fu Sihan!" Yan chenrui is very angry. As soon as he wants to speak, Fu Sihan puts a Fu Yan'an in his arms.

"Take it away!" Fu Sihan looked at his son in disgust. How could this oil bottle appear everywhere!

Fu Sihan warned Yan chenrui in a low voice: "you haven't married misiko."

As Michelle's cousin, he can also be a roadblock for Yan chenrui to get married.

Yan chenrui immediately: "I'm not sure."

Silently hold their nephew, people have to bow under the eaves ah.

"Go on." Fu Sihan said to the person in charge of the wedding, "next is to take the bride away?"

All of you: --

Cheeky, or you cheeky!

"It's too late, it's too late!" Guan Qingjiu comes to Yanwan and whispers to remind Yanwan.

Guan Qingjiu's voice is not big, but it can't stand. The live camera and microphone are nearby, and netizens squatting on the wedding live broadcast immediately——

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