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Chapter: 1020

Seventh Brother Shall We Take Action

"Did the doctor mean that he could cure her or help her escape?"

Xu Youning stared at the doctor but failed to find the answer on his face.

She suddenly turned as if she was trying to run out of the room.

There was a simple way to confirm whether the doctor was part of Mu Sijue’s team —and that was to see if Mu Sijue was nearby.

If Mu Sijue really knew about everything she had kept hidden, he would also know she came to see a doctor today and would keep an eye on her from a distance.

If she could find Mu Sijue, not only could she confirm that the doctor was on the same side as Mu Sijue but she may also get a chance to escape with him and get rid of Kang Ruicheng forever.

"A Ning!" Kang Ruicheng stopped Xu Youning and grabbed her hand at once as though he was aware of her intention. "Where are you going?"

Xu Youning froze and met Kang Ruicheng’s eyes when she looked up. His cold look slowly calmed her down.

Being wary of Mu Sijue, Kang Ruicheng brought at least 50 people with him. If Mu Sijue was here, Kang Ruicheng would find him before her.

However, judging from Kang Ruicheng’s current reaction, he should have found nothing. Otherwise, he would not be so calm.

Mu Sijue was either in a very well concealed place or he did not come at all.

If she ran out impulsively, she would not find Mu Sijue and might even arouse Kang Ruicheng’s suspicions.

She should calm down first and carry on with her pretense.

Xu Youning opened a bottle of mineral water and took a sip. When she looked at Kang Ruicheng again, she was no longer as agitated as before. "I just wanted some fresh air. I’m fine now," she said in her usual calm voice.

Kang Ruicheng stared at Xu Youning in confusion, asking, "A Ning, why are you like this?"

"Shouldn’t she be happy that the doctor had told her she still had a chance to live?"

Xu Youning smiled wryly, seeming to be mocking herself.

She looked into Kang Ruicheng’s eyes and asked, "Do you really believe my sickness can be cured?"

Only then did Kang Ruicheng realize that Xu Youning was just uncertain or upset about her future.

Compared to despair, the uncertain hope was more torturous.

Kang Ruicheng grabbed Xu Youning’s hand and forced her to look straight into his eyes. "This is our only hope. We must believe it! A Ning, we have no other choice!"

Xu Youning turned to the doctor. On his young face, there was no obvious expression, but in his eyes, there was an air of assurance and calm— a bit like Mu Sijue.

"Was he on Mu Sijue’s side?"

If he was, she would believe him.

Believe that he would help her, not that he could cure her.

Seeing Xu Youning remaining silent, Kang Ruicheng continued to ask, "Doctor, can you prevent A Ning’s sickness from getting worse?"

"Yes, we should be able to." The doctor’s words sounded convincing. "I will try my best to treat my patients. Please trust me."

"A Ning, did you hear that?" Kang Ruicheng looked at Xu Youning expectantly, trying to raise her hopes. "Follow the doctor’s advice, okay?"

"Okay," Xu Youning closed her eyes and replied.

"I’m glad you believe in me." The doctor smiled and explained his plan thoroughly. Finally, he said, "Ms. Xu, I’ll give you some medicine first."

Xu Youning didn’t want to see a doctor mainly because she was afraid of taking medicine.

When she was at the top of the mountain, Mu Sijue had arranged an antenatal test for her. She was warned not to take any sort of medicine. Otherwise, the fetus would be seriously damaged.

As she had a slim chance to survive, she had to protect her child.

She would never do anything that might hurt the child.

The doctor seemed to understand Xu Youning’s hesitation. He came over and said, "Ms. Xu, don’t worry. The medicine will not have any side effects. It’s good for you."

Xu Youning was stunned.

"Did the doctor guess what she was worried about?"

"Or did he know that her child was still alive?"

Xu Youning shivered as if she had been hit hard by something.

She glanced at the doctor in shock. But in less than a second, she suppressed all her emotions.

Kang Ruicheng was beside her. The more she suspected the identity of the doctor, the calmer she should be.

Thinking about it, Xu Youning did not show any expression on her face. She looked at the doctor and said, "I believe you."

The doctor smiled and gave Xu Youning an appreciative look, saying, "Very wise choice."

There seemed to be another meaning hidden in his words, but it was unclear.

Xu Youning didn’t dare to guess much. She just hoped that she really made a wise choice.

"Follow me, please."

The doctor took Xu Youning and Kang Ruicheng back to his office. He tapped the keys on his computer, printed out a prescription and handed it to Kang Ruicheng. "Take the medicine for one week and come back for a second test."


Kang Ruicheng brought Xu Youning out. Both Mumu and Dongzi were waiting outside.

Mumu was the first to rush over. He looked at Xu Youning expectantly and asked, "What did the doctor tell you? Did he say when you could recover?"

Xu Youning pointed to the prescription in Kang Ruicheng’s hand and said, "The doctor said I could get better if I take the medicine on time."

Mumu’s eyes lit up. He ran up to the doctor and vowed, "Don’t worry, sir. I will supervise Auntie Youning and make sure she takes her medicine. You must help her get better!"

"I promise you!" The doctor produced a lollipop from his pocket like a magician and handed it to Mumu. "Here you are."

"Thank you, sir!" Mumu took the lollipop with both hands and said with his head tilted. "Well, I mean for treating Auntie Youning."

"You’re welcome," The doctor smiled. "I’m just doing my job."

Mumu didn’t care about his job. In his heart, the doctor who gave Xu Youning a chance to live was an angel.

Thinking of this, Mumu gave the doctor an angelic smile.

Kang Ruicheng handed the prescription to Dongzi and asked him to get the medicine.

Dongzi soon came back with the medicine. He walked to Kang Ruicheng and whispered, "Brother Cheng, I looked around. Everything is normal. Mu Sijue is not here."

Since yesterday, Kang Ruicheng had been deploying his subordinates just to be on guard against Mu Sijue.

Xu Youning left Mu Sijue repeatedly, but Mu Sijue was still willing to get hurt for her, which was enough to show that Mu Sijue still cared greatly for Xu Youning.

If Mu Sijue knew Xu Youning would be coming to the hospital today, he might risk everything to snatch her.

Mu Sijue had that ability, so Kang Ruicheng could only make sure he prevented it from happening.

Even if he didn’t find Mu Sijue, he was still on full alert.

Kang Ruicheng ordered in a deep voice, "Go with the original plan regardless if you find Mu Sijue or not."

The original plan was to raise the alert at the hospital to the highest level. Even a fly could not get close to them, let alone a live person.

Kang Ruicheng’s subordinates knew that he did it to guard against Mu Sijue.

However, they had searched the whole hospital three times and found no trace of Mu Sijue. Was it necessary to be so careful?

Anyway, they were just subordinates and should obey Kang Ruicheng’s orders.

"Yes, sir!" The subordinate responded.

He walked in front of Kang Ruicheng and Xu Youning, protecting them as they left.

Mumu must have felt that something was amiss. He suddenly held Xu Youning’s hand tightly, but his eyes were full of determination.

He guessed that Mu Sijue might be nearby, so that was why daddy was so nervous.

Once they walked out of the hospital, Mu Sijue might show up and take Xu Youning back.

He wished for that to happen, although he was reluctant to part with Xu Youning.

However, only when Auntie Youning left his daddy could she and the baby be safe.

Xu Youning felt the strength of the little fellow’s grip. She glanced at him and held his hand equally tightly.

Only in this way could she ease her worries.

As soon as Xu Youning and Kang Ruicheng walked out of the outpatient building, they were tightly surrounded by a group of people.

Countless people protected Xu Youning and accompanied her to the parking lot.

Kang Ruicheng strode ahead, but he kept glancing at Xu Youning out of the corner of his eyes.

If he thought that Mu Sijue might make an appearance, Xu Youning might also have the same thought.

However, Xu Youning looked calm and indifferent as if she didn’t care about it at all.

"Did she really not care about Mu Sijue?"

Kang Ruicheng would never know that there were a lot of worries hidden beneath Xu Youning’s calm expression.

Xu Youning hoped Mu Sijue could show up and rescue her from Kang Ruicheng.

However, she didn’t want Mu Sijue to do it under this circumstance no matter if he was nearby or not.

Mu Sijue’s action would definitely spark off an uproar. Since Kang Ruicheng’s subordinates were on full alert, Mu Sijue would not only fail to take her back but also get himself into trouble.

It was not the most critical time yet. Mu Sijue still had time.

So, it was better not to take any action yet.

If Mu Sijue was nearby, could he sense her prayer?

On the 18th floor of TC Building.

Mu Sijue was looking at the hospital through a telescope in the office. He zoomed in on Xu Youning the moment she walked out of the outpatient building.

Xu Youning looked no different from the past, but the expression on her face was calmer and colder.

Mu Sijue suddenly found that he missed the Xu Youning who had a myriad of expressions.

The Captain knocked and came in. He walked to Mu Sijue and said, "Seventh Brother, Kang Ruicheng did not relax his guard at all."

"I see," Mu Sijue replied indifferently.

The subordinate continued after a moment of hesitation, "If we take action now, we might succeed. But if Kang Ruicheng takes Ms. Xu back, it will be more difficult for us to rescue Ms. Xu. Seventh Brother, shall we take action?"

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